Editing Tutorials for your WordPress Site

Adding Alt Tags to Images

Editing Home Page Title

Optimizing URLs

How to Add a Variable Product

Edit Flipbox Links After Changing URL

Edits Social Media Icons

How To Add A Simple Product

How to Delete a Product

How to Delete & Duplicate A Flipbox

How To Edit Category Thumbnail

How To Create Product Category

Creating Flipbox Image with Transparent Background

How To Add Google Analytics & Search Console

How To Edit Header Image


Editing Pages

Site Background

Adjusting Columns on Your Site

Reviews and Ratings

Your products will already have a review feature on them, however, you can always add ratings and testimonies in other places of your site.

 Share Buttons

Share buttons are a very helpful feature where visitors can share information from your site, such as products, on social media such social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and more!


Other Design Dynamics


With Elementor, there are numerous types of pop ups you can create for your site!

Fixing Mistakes

Were you editing your site and make a mistake you’re unsure to fix?
Elementor provides a very helpful feature where you can check your
changes history and jump back a few steps.

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