Websites for Rent

$78.00 / month

Don’t Have The Money To Own Your Own Website?

Now You Can Rent One!

Is it better to buy rather than rent?
Maybe, but not everyone can afford to buy.

That’s why there are so many apartments. You have to live somewhere.

Same with a business, you have to start somewhere.

If you want to sell on the Internet and don’t know how to build your own website or can’t afford to have one built, I have a solution for you. RENT A WEBSITE!

The websites available to rent have aged domains – at least 2 years old – some 7 years old and older.  Most all have backlinks to them…some more than others. Some even have Page Rank. Some have even had orders.

Everything that is included in the elite website package we sell is included with these websites. However, instead of being newbie websites, they have experience.

These websites are NOT for sale…they are for rent!

AND…for a limited time, we are giving you FREE usage of our merchant credit card account.  This is usually an addon we offer that costs $25 and month and 3% of each order.  We are removing the cost of the merchant account.  You will just pay 3% of each order.

Monthly rental – $78.00


Is hosting included in the rental fee?


If I decide I want to purchase this site later on can I do so?

No. However, when you’ve purchased $10,000 in wholesale products from Safety Technology, I will give the website to you and the monthly fee will be reduced from $78 to $30.

If I rent a site how long is the rental for?

As long as you pay the monthly rental fee the site will continue to be yours. There is no long-term agreement. You can quit anytime.

Can I add products to the website?

Any product updates will be done by us and you cannot add any outside products to the rental sites.

Who pays for the domain renewal?

As long as you are renting the websites, we do.

What other costs are there?

You will see the options available to add below.

If I get all the services you offer you seem to be doing everything, answering all my customers’ questions, processing all my orders, drop shipping, what do I do?

Your job is marketing. Creating unique content, unique page titles, and unique meta descriptions as well as getting backlinks to your website. And, any other advertising you want to do. I strongly suggest you join the Advanced SEO Club at least for a couple of months so you know what to do to get your web pages ranked and make sales.

Here are some Options you might be interested in…

    Many people don’t like using their home addresses on their websites. I understand that. You could get the occasional customer knocking on your door. Also, you don’t want to use your home number or cell. You might not be able to take calls during the day. We will let you use our 800# and will answer it and return calls during work hours. It will be answered generically as ‘Self Defense and Security.’We will let you use our address, which is Self Defense & Security, 1867 Caravan Trail., Suite #105, Jacksonville, FL 32216. Use our address and phone number – $15 a month
  • USE OUR MERCHANT CREDIT CARD ACCOUNT (You are getting this for FREE – $25 a month value)
    You might not want your own merchant credit card account (needed to process credit card orders). Your credit might now allow you to get one or in the beginning, you might not want to pay the monthly fees. You can use ours. It will show on your customers’ credit card bill as ‘Self Defense and Security.’ We will pay you your profits once a month. We will send it through PayPal. Use our merchant credit card account – $25 a month + 3% per order
    Coaching calls with Michael Gravette, access to the membership website with the training material, and free traffic to your website.  Advanced SEO Monthly Subscription – $97 a month. You can cancel anytime.  You need this for at least a couple of months to get you going on the right path.

If there are no websites available for rent at this time, put your name on our waitlist and we will notify you as they become available.

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