Live Chat Service Installed ONLY


The live chat installed only service is just for us to add the live chat to your website. You will be responsible for monitoring the chat sessions.



Can Provide up to a 20%+ increase in conversion rates

Everyone knows that quality customer service plays a crucial role in increasing business. The good news is that once your customers experience superior service they’ll spread the word about you resulting in quality referrals.

To provide quality service many ecommerce websites live the ones we provide through Safety Technology have been adding live chat support in order to provide INSTANT RESPONSE to customers rather than having leave websites with unanswered questions.

Real time chatting with a customer support expert not only builds customers’ confidence during their shopping experience, but also helps to improve your conversion rates.

According to a survey of American online consumers, 68% engage in live chat and 63% prefer getting back to a website with live chat for repeat purchase.

Here are 4 reasons to use Live Chat:

1. INSTANT RESPONSE Provides Real Convenience to Customers

In fact, 44 % of online consumers say that having questions answered by a live person while searching a website or in the middle of an online purchase is one of the most important features a website can offer.

The most common situations in which potential online customers use live chat:

Want to know more about product specifications
Having trouble finding specific item on a given website
Want to compare products
Struggling with completing an online sales

2. Will Instantly Give You An Advantage Over Your Competitors.

3. Increase Transaction Size

Having a real person walk you through a purchase adds confidence and customers tend to spend more than the ones who don’t use live chat. A positive experience leads to a higher average order value, thus your sales are directly affected by live chat. In fact, multiple studies have proven that Live Chat can bring a 20%+ increase in conversion rates.

4. Build long-term relationships

Satisfied, long-term customers are statistically less likely to look elsewhere. As an added bonus, they tend to be less price-sensitive. Experts say that customers who feel taken care of are less concerned about what they are paying.

63% of customers who’ve used live chat tend to come back rather than the ones who don’t. Studies show that regular customers tend to buy more often and they are less expensive to maintain because of their familiarity with your business and the processes behind it.

When customers feel their voice is heard and they chat with a person behind the company, it’s more likely that they’ll have a stronger connection to your business and share their positive experience.